Monday, January 31, 2011

Adek ilah..

hye semua..
it's megat again here
updating my fulfill
all of u guys needed.. :))
for tonite entry it is
called as adek Ilah.

sebelom kowrang pikiaq
yg bukan2..biar ak intro
siapakah sebenarnya gerangan
insan istimewa bergelar
adek ilah dalam hidupku ini..
wahh3x..istimewa sgt kann~
[jgn bising2 taw..!!]

actually rmai sebenarnya
yg nk kenal ngn adek ilah niwh..
especially my campus fwens [the boys]
since they saw her picture in
my nokia c6 mobile phone.
they tend to said like..
"wahh..megat lawo ar awek
niwh..kenalkan ar dgn ak?"
heyy..she's not like u think.
stop dreaming to have her phone number ok?
langkah jenazah ak dlu lorh ok~
some also said "sape adek ilah ni
megat? gewe demo kei?ahhha..
how lame and funny..!! >.<"

actually the real story begin like this,..
everything started long
time ago..when i'm still studying
in politeknik arau, perlis.
ade ilah kira cm adek dlm
family angkat ak kt sna lorh.
xdinafikan mmg dia sgt chantek
owgnya..mcm gadis melayu terkahir
pn ada tw..hehhhe :P

and until today..
even kami da jauh pon
since i'm studying at poli dungun
these days for my diploma, we still
keep in touch..u know why i
love her that much?? because she
is like the angel send all the way from heaven
just for me..she is a good listener,
always be with my side when i'm happy
and even feeling down and sad.
i'm so glad that i found u adek ilah..

just now she called me..
and said "abang, kenapa xbls sms adek..?"
i said that i was being busy..and
xdaq nk topup..yg xdaq topup tuh
btol lorh sbnrnya..hahha..
dia tnya khabar ak..and we talked
almost like my mum's
car..i felt so embressed when my
mum heard our conversation..lmao >.<"
[during outing with my mum's last evening~]

adek ilah just finished
her spm examination..and the
lastest news 'bout her that..
she currently working there at
the store kangaq, perlis..
and i was like.."wow, it's a good
start for u my sister..welcome
to a new phase of life..and have
a great working days ahead..!!
later don't forget when u get the
gaji do fetch me KFC yahh.."
lmaooo~ xD

well for me..
it's like a miracle when
we haven't meet almost ages..
yet..she still remember me and
never forget bout' our old memories~
it's like a gratitude fer me thou

as usual..
i've got a wish for adek ilah here..
hopefully she'll read it even she
kindy busy with her job as a sales girl~

"dear adek ilah,
i'm so glad that we're meet..
u've been a very good listener for
me all the times..always support and
give me useful advice like everyday..
i love u so much as a big bro
and promise that we will still
keep in touch forever..saranghaee~"


sebelom ak menamatkan sesi entry
utk kali niwh..ak akn selitkan sekeping
potrait adek ilah yer utk tatapan smua..
tp sekeping shaja ok? jgn lorh
mimpi nk lebeyh2..
and don't ask me for her fb etc..
xakan dilayan..harap maklum! :')

potrait of adek ilah.. :))
puas da tgk peeps??
jgn renung lama2 sbb kta owg nt
dr mata turun ke hati kann~
xdapekk na nolong yor..hahha <.<"
that's all for dis time
have a blast nite..and do sleep well readers~

lot of love, megat<3

"Ohh my precious face..!!"

cm gedik lak kn tjok entry ak dis time..
so..whatever lorhh..hahha.
actually,ak tgh sakit niwh..
sakit pasai pa plak yer??
nop..bkn sakit sakit jerawat~
sbnrnya..nk dijadikan cerita..

last friday, [cm da tulis krngan MUET lak!] 
i was so bored..sitting all alone
in my bedrom..suddenly, tiba2 ak terperasan
ada jerawat tp 1 jer kt pp belah knan..
ak geram sgt2..kowrang tw apa ak wt?
cba teka?klo betol nt ak blnjer
gula2 20sen..jadi larh kan?hahhaa :P

ak picit2 pkai kuku..
xcukup lg tuh..ak mek something like
pisau kecil lorh..ak kupas kt bhgian jrwat tuh..
lastly the results is soo bad..
bleeding trok kowt kt area uhh and..
i was like~

"ohh my precious face!!" :'((

i'm truly's my fault nway!
then just mum bring me
to see the usual..dr radziah.
she is my all time fav doctor ok..sgt
friendly and ramah orgnyerr.. :D
she said "xper megat..luka awk ni xdlm
mna..xlma lg ok larhh..just apply this
antibiotic cream..and bla da okay later
u can apply bio-oil for the
makan msa sikit..and ur scars is not that
bad.." she said to me..lega rasa bla
dia ckp cm now i'm 
starting to use her antibiotic cream for
the wound..later kalo da heal sepenohnya
i will use bio-oil..immediately...

our ahjuma is a friendly doctor~ :')

and the only wishes for my damaged skin...

"dear skin,
get well soon..
and do born preciously than ever..
i'm sorry for hurting u..
this is the first and last time..
that's a promise..daebakk....!!" 

lots of love, megat<3

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'll be california wishing on the stars..

ini adalah selingan utk mlm ni yer?
jom kita layann lagu cik rihanna niwh.
haa..yg nak karok pn leyh gk 'cause
this is instrumental version~ ^.^v
agk2 na hujan sndr tnggong la okeyh! >.<"

actually, this is my fav<3 track from her
latest album..loud. who cares 'bout the
ballad don't get me wrong peeps!
lagu niwh xda kena mgena pon ngn 
kisah ak..i just love the x-factor
in the song..full of emotions and
the way she express her feelings in it<3

fun details 'bout the song??
some said that the song is mainly 'bout the
old memories between rihanna and her ex-bf
pak cik chris brown tuhh..true or not?
the answer in your hand peeps~!! :P

here's the lyrics & have a pleasant nite!:

Chest to chest

Nose to nose
Palm to palm
We were always just that close
Wrist to wrist
Toe to toe
Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose
So how come when I reach out my finger
It feels like more than distance between us

In this california king bed
Were 10000 miles apart
I'll be california wishing on the stars
For youre heart on me
My californa king

Eye to eye
Cheek to cheek
Side by side
You were sleeping next to me
Arm in arm
Dusk to dawn
With the curtains drawn
And a little last night on these sheets
So how come when I reach out my finger
It feels like more than distance between us

In this california king bed

Were 10000 miles apart
I'll be california wishing on the stars
For youre heart on me
My californa king

Just when I felt like giving up on us
You turned around and gave me one last touch
That made everything feel better
And even then my eyes got wetter
(Sometimes feel)? wanna ask you if you love me
But I don't wanna feel so weak
Maybe ive been California dreaming

In this california king bed
Were 10000 miles apart
I'll be california wishing on the stars
For youre heart on me
My californa king
My California King

In this california king bed
Were 10000 miles apart
I'll be california wishing on the stars
For youre heart on me
My California king

lots of love, megat<3


heyya guys.
evening ok..hhmm..
skejap jew da pkol 5.30pm
rsa cm bru jew bgn 

title my entry utk petang
niwh adalah keliru...
tp mst all of u tertanya2 kn..
knapa keliru?keliru ttg apa??cinta?
xhabis2 cinta..salah lorr <.<!!
lagu ajai & nurul?nice try..lg salah! lol~'s 'bout my
own future..all of u tw
kan if i get the spa..keja with
government..once again, i've
to make a decision..and it's hard!
why can't i have both study + work?
cause' i love my present life fer sure :((

terus keliru dalam membuat keputusan yg terbaek..

just now i've go re-check in 
spa website..damn, the result suppose
to out tomorrow but they postponed it!
here is the statement for 
pembantu tadbir N/17:


Keputusan temuduga bagi jawatan Pembantu Tadbir (P/O) Gred N17 akan diumumkan pada 14 Februari 2011 (Isnin).

Segala kesulitan amatlah dikesali.

once again..
i've to wait..ggrrr.
i'm sick and tired of waiting~
but..otokajoe[wht can i do]

**still wondering on the decision to study or work..

lots of love,megat<3

Satu Permulaan..

hye semua?? 
apa khabar..sehad x?da mkn blom?
[tiba2 meroyan semacam lak.. >.<]

the story of blogging shall begin..

ok..this is my 1st blog.
seriously, ak malas sbnrnya nk berblogging
niwh..but as most of u requested fer it..
i think why not kan?hahha..actually ak ingt
senang lorh nk register kt blogspot niwh..
but i was wrong...why??

time mula2 smngat nk register..
bleyh dia soh ak wt account gmail..and
i was like..omg! i'm so lazy..ggrrrr..but
nvm..still i've created another gmail account.
but no biggie the mail still same as my old mail..

here it is:
[yg bezanya dr account yahoo mail blakang dia jer!]

xpalahh...demi kowrang xkesah lorh 
ak bersusah long as all of
us feel happy..that's enough fer me!~ :))

and i think that's all for my introduction..
intro pon da pnjang cm haperr..mst kowrang
ngntok kan dgr celoteh ak?hahha..
apa2pun have a good weekend lorhh..
be a good readers and followers 
for this new born blog..
officially of mine... :DD

lots of love, megat<3

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