Monday, January 31, 2011

"Ohh my precious face..!!"

cm gedik lak kn tjok entry ak dis time..
so..whatever lorhh..hahha.
actually,ak tgh sakit niwh..
sakit pasai pa plak yer??
nop..bkn sakit sakit jerawat~
sbnrnya..nk dijadikan cerita..

last friday, [cm da tulis krngan MUET lak!] 
i was so bored..sitting all alone
in my bedrom..suddenly, tiba2 ak terperasan
ada jerawat tp 1 jer kt pp belah knan..
ak geram sgt2..kowrang tw apa ak wt?
cba teka?klo betol nt ak blnjer
gula2 20sen..jadi larh kan?hahhaa :P

ak picit2 pkai kuku..
xcukup lg tuh..ak mek something like
pisau kecil lorh..ak kupas kt bhgian jrwat tuh..
lastly the results is soo bad..
bleeding trok kowt kt area uhh and..
i was like~

"ohh my precious face!!" :'((

i'm truly's my fault nway!
then just mum bring me
to see the usual..dr radziah.
she is my all time fav doctor ok..sgt
friendly and ramah orgnyerr.. :D
she said "xper megat..luka awk ni xdlm
mna..xlma lg ok larhh..just apply this
antibiotic cream..and bla da okay later
u can apply bio-oil for the
makan msa sikit..and ur scars is not that
bad.." she said to me..lega rasa bla
dia ckp cm now i'm 
starting to use her antibiotic cream for
the wound..later kalo da heal sepenohnya
i will use bio-oil..immediately...

our ahjuma is a friendly doctor~ :')

and the only wishes for my damaged skin...

"dear skin,
get well soon..
and do born preciously than ever..
i'm sorry for hurting u..
this is the first and last time..
that's a promise..daebakk....!!" 

lots of love, megat<3

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