Monday, January 31, 2011

Adek ilah..

hye semua..
it's megat again here
updating my fulfill
all of u guys needed.. :))
for tonite entry it is
called as adek Ilah.

sebelom kowrang pikiaq
yg bukan2..biar ak intro
siapakah sebenarnya gerangan
insan istimewa bergelar
adek ilah dalam hidupku ini..
wahh3x..istimewa sgt kann~
[jgn bising2 taw..!!]

actually rmai sebenarnya
yg nk kenal ngn adek ilah niwh..
especially my campus fwens [the boys]
since they saw her picture in
my nokia c6 mobile phone.
they tend to said like..
"wahh..megat lawo ar awek
niwh..kenalkan ar dgn ak?"
heyy..she's not like u think.
stop dreaming to have her phone number ok?
langkah jenazah ak dlu lorh ok~
some also said "sape adek ilah ni
megat? gewe demo kei?ahhha..
how lame and funny..!! >.<"

actually the real story begin like this,..
everything started long
time ago..when i'm still studying
in politeknik arau, perlis.
ade ilah kira cm adek dlm
family angkat ak kt sna lorh.
xdinafikan mmg dia sgt chantek
owgnya..mcm gadis melayu terkahir
pn ada tw..hehhhe :P

and until today..
even kami da jauh pon
since i'm studying at poli dungun
these days for my diploma, we still
keep in touch..u know why i
love her that much?? because she
is like the angel send all the way from heaven
just for me..she is a good listener,
always be with my side when i'm happy
and even feeling down and sad.
i'm so glad that i found u adek ilah..

just now she called me..
and said "abang, kenapa xbls sms adek..?"
i said that i was being busy..and
xdaq nk topup..yg xdaq topup tuh
btol lorh sbnrnya..hahha..
dia tnya khabar ak..and we talked
almost like my mum's
car..i felt so embressed when my
mum heard our conversation..lmao >.<"
[during outing with my mum's last evening~]

adek ilah just finished
her spm examination..and the
lastest news 'bout her that..
she currently working there at
the store kangaq, perlis..
and i was like.."wow, it's a good
start for u my sister..welcome
to a new phase of life..and have
a great working days ahead..!!
later don't forget when u get the
gaji do fetch me KFC yahh.."
lmaooo~ xD

well for me..
it's like a miracle when
we haven't meet almost ages..
yet..she still remember me and
never forget bout' our old memories~
it's like a gratitude fer me thou

as usual..
i've got a wish for adek ilah here..
hopefully she'll read it even she
kindy busy with her job as a sales girl~

"dear adek ilah,
i'm so glad that we're meet..
u've been a very good listener for
me all the times..always support and
give me useful advice like everyday..
i love u so much as a big bro
and promise that we will still
keep in touch forever..saranghaee~"


sebelom ak menamatkan sesi entry
utk kali niwh..ak akn selitkan sekeping
potrait adek ilah yer utk tatapan smua..
tp sekeping shaja ok? jgn lorh
mimpi nk lebeyh2..
and don't ask me for her fb etc..
xakan dilayan..harap maklum! :')

potrait of adek ilah.. :))
puas da tgk peeps??
jgn renung lama2 sbb kta owg nt
dr mata turun ke hati kann~
xdapekk na nolong yor..hahha <.<"
that's all for dis time
have a blast nite..and do sleep well readers~

lot of love, megat<3


  1. adek ilah, comel..cute la patut la megat suka..cantik orgnye

  2. hahaha..adik baru tjumpa benda ni ari ni.. :)
    adik dah baca..tq sngat2,tharu adik..lawak pn ada sbenarnya..yg pasti pic 2 bukn adik..hahaha..tq x letak muka adik.. ;)

  3. pasal pic 2 hrp x djadikn isu oleh siapa2 pn..biar abg je yg tau adik cmne..apa2 pn tq abg still sama ja,bnyak tolong adik n banyak perkara yg adik blajar dri abg..tq sngt2..
    yup insyaallah,promise that we will still keep in touch forever..amin..

  4. adek..hahha..kantoi suda..xpa no hal..entry ni mm penghargaan utk dik la yg slama niwh byk bg smgat kt cek..tq ya dik! ILY too!~ :)


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