Friday, February 11, 2011

Dress to Impress..

evening readers~
 yeah, once again it's
megat here updating my blog.
i'm just had my lunch..
how about all of you readers? :)

today, ak plan nk bg tutorial
on how to look good without spending
much money to achieve it.
trust me, u'll never regret it~
so, basically this tutorial is
for guy larh..we are dress
to impress and for our satisfaction.
am i rite readers? :DD

here's my picture that almost
a full potrait of kaki
plak xnmpak

and yes! i'm holding Jefferson
bag..Jefferson always being my
fav boutique to go shopping.
i adore the black and white theme
and the design are very urban
and suitable with my style~ ^.^v

nak membebel pnjg2 xgna gk~
bukan per..nt kowang bowsan lak an.
hahha..ok, here's the tutorial
for achieve a great hair
results, make sure u wash ur hair
at least 2x per day..and jgn pilih
salah shampoo silap2 leyh rosak rmbot!

in this photo i'm using
lorea'l paris understructable
hair wax..yg botol kaler merah uhh.
u can get tis in watson lorrh
with the price rm28
here's the picture..

hence, i make it spiky style which most of
the gurlz find it very stylish
yet sexy..(ohh yeah!) :P
after tat, i'll finish it with

gatsby hairspray (WAX).supaya
pacak2 tuh tahan lma ckit.muahha
and please take notes to
DO NOT use hair gel..sbb nt rmbot
kowang nmpak cm xnatural..
da la keras na mmpos..huhuhh.
as a conclusion, it's a major
mistakes for guys to use hair gel!

as for face and skin,
kita xperlukan sgt over2 like
gurlz..which make up tebal2 bla
nk kuar rumah. it's a simple
things to being a
for me, klo nk hang out or
go somewhere i'll use aloe vera
jelly utk melembabkn kulit and
it's not a mistake to use lotion.
guy oso can use lation ok~
not limited fer gurlz oni.

apply this on your face for a healthier skin!

for the shirt, in the picture
below..i'm using diesel shirt that
i've bought it long time ago.
msa ak ngn family turun kl dlu..
then we went to sogo..and i found
this shirt in diesel booth there.
they tend to say that i look good in
red colour..and i did love to play
with variety kind of colour
for my style since my skin
is not that tanned~ >.<
the shirt worth RM65 oni maa.
it is cheap for a better quality rite?

this silver jeans is
not that me,
i've bought this one here at
some boutique near kuala terengganu.
i just love the silver colour
and design dia agk lusuh and classic
which i think very fashionable (:
i spent rm120 for this jeans and
dan masih menjadi jeans pilihan ak
sehingga ke hari nih..ehhhe~

i hope that all
of you readers can be
inspired by my tutorial this time.
if na request tutorial apa2 lg just
PM me here or in my facebook ok!

remember one of my principe:

"kita mestilah pndai bergaya supaya
konfiden..and owg yg tgk kita pn akn
konfiden dgn kita..

good luck readers~
be a great fashionista!! 
cheers for reading this~

lots of love, megat<3


  1. nice tutorial, i like it, cuma nk tmbh ubtk hair cut megat blh tmbh satu..for the guyz out there please avoid layer cut kt front hair..rosak rmbut nnti..btw dress to impress, i like it..its a kinna good ttrial~~ =)

  2. hahaha..itu dia mirul da kluarkn tips dr dia gk..tq yg mirul share2..sharing is carin rite fwen! :d


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