Friday, February 4, 2011

Holiday's over..

evening readers~
pejam kelip..pejam kelip da ari jumaat
lorh plak..rsa mcm bru smlam beriya2 excited balik
umah utk bercuti..well, it's my 1st mid-sem
break kan since ak further study niwh..
cuti seminggu ase cm sehari

ggrrr..esk balik campus!~
sbb ahd da start kuliah lik meyh..
to tell the truth,
mmg xpuas lg lorhh dok umh ni..
huuhhu..kalo nk ikotkan hati ni sah2
ak xnak balik campus..well, it's normal.
i believe all of you guys also have a same
issue as i am..rite? don't ya' dare to deny it!

ta suka tw! xnak balik jugak..werrkk!! :P

mid-sem kali niwh i guess..
nothin' much lorhh..just staying at
my home..take a deep breathe and relax
from every single of pressure i've 
been through as a students..
being with's a calm
situation once again..assignment pn
ak xusik sgt lorhh..wkakkaa~ xDD
kpd geng2 qip4 PSMZA,
kalo kowrang da ciap2 assignment
tuh..jgn lupakan ak tw..kita hidop
mstlah amalkan konsep "C&P"
[jgn tnya C&P tuh apa..bahaya2x!] :') 

tonite is the last nite
i'll be sleeping at my home..
'cause tomorrow i've gotta move on~
i'll make it worth for myself..
and i'm gonna miss my mum's cook.

busy life shall begin again..
welcome to assignment, modul lab etc.
poneng kepala?? xdapekk den nk nolong iyo~
hwaitingg megat! do this for ur family, 
and your own future.. :DD

lots of love, megat<3


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