Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Say goodbye..

i'm all alone here
standing by my side.
stucked in my room..accompany
by gloomy windy day outside..
still holding the grudge
towards what u've done with me.
even it's almost ages the
story of us end, the scars
still obviously can be seen
deep in my heart..

i do said i forgive
you for everything..
but u know what? it won't be
that easy..i can't forgive
you no matter what~
u almost ruins my life..

i remember the
moment we running in the rain..
and i see u in my dreams..
the look upon ur brown eyes..
it captivating me like
i can't even stop thinking
of you my love..
i was such a dreamer..

we were always said
"forever & always" and i'll
keep your words to be with
my side forever..but everything
was just broken promises..
u hurt me once and i'll
take a further step of leaving you..
even i hate the feeling
of losing someone i love..

you once said that
i'm not enough..
what do you want more?
why do you find me if
you can't accept me just the way i am?
still i believe..i was
such a fool for fallin'
for you..i bleed my own heart..

april 14 is the
offcial goodbye day for us..
i can't take it anymore
as i've made a decision of
leaving felt like
my heart skip that moment when
we ever say goodbye..

it was hard for me
but i ought to be strong
and wishing for a better day..
late nite, i'm wishing
upon a stars that u'll
regret for what u've done..
i sincerely wish that god listen to
my bleeding soul...

back to december
my wish come true..
u've come to my life again..
being such a loser..
begging for forgiveness
and regret for everything.. heart just stop
beating for u..i can't even
accept u anymore..
u are out of my
life dictionary

the glory day of
mine has come..
and all i wish that u've
find someone special soon
but, it's just not me..
stop saying u miss me
cause' i won't look back..
so just say goodbye..

*dedicated to "A"

lots of love, megat<3


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